If somebody needs help, you give it.

Supporting individuals, families, and resettled refugees who are struggling with financial burdens and unexpected hardships.

Who is charity in action?

Originally formed in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina, Charity in Action shifted their use in 2017 to help incoming refugees who were struggling financially while resettling in the United States. Today, Charity in Action does a lot of different things. They still help refugee families, but they also help all sorts of people who are in a tough spot and need a financial boost. Charity in Action does this with case by case fundraisers via referrals. From India to Albany, New York, from North Philadelphia to Louisiana, we hope to provide something substantial for people and families who need it.

Our Projects

Amina & Family

Amina & Family

Amina and her five kids arrived from Eritrea after a long stay in a refugee camp. They arrived in...

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get involved

We are always looking for more people to join our board or to simply help out with our efforts. Sometimes we need people to visit the families/individuals we help, or to deliver donations to them. Click the button below to learn more about ways to help.

To our donors

A message from our president:

“I get stopped all the time around town and people gush about all the great things Charity in Action is doing. My ego likes this. My brain knows better. Without all of you, we are not much of anything. I am constantly blown away at the generosity and support we are receiving on a regular basis.

Three or four years ago I’d put up a fundraiser and would be thrilled if we could find 500 bucks. Anything I put up recently is in the thousands, and very often more. You know who you are. I adore who you are. There seems to be a bottomless pit of support as we try to make life a little bit easier for some people that fall on out radar.


 – Clayton C. Walsh, President