If somebody needs help, you give it.

Ceri Stein ask us to take a shot at helping out some college students who have been through a lot recently and need a boost.

Looking for financial support to be used to fund reliable transportation for two dedicated college students in need, who have already been through so much. When these kids were 7-years-old, their father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Three years later, he died. 5 years later (5 years ago), their mother was also diagnosed with cancer. Thank goodness, after a hard fought battle, she is now cancer free. The emotional and financial journey without her husband has not been easy for this single mom with two teens, but by the grace of the Lord and friends, they have been getting by. Then comes college and impressively both kids have maintained their place on the Dean’s List despite their difficult programs: Engineering and Nursing. They have both worked jobs through college and summers to make ends meet. This coming school year, both students are juniors and are expected to travel to more distant schools and hospitals many days a week for their degrees. Their current vehicles are not up to the demands of such travel. One car has over 233,000 miles on it and the other is 22-years-old, barely running and literally falling apart. Even their mother’s car has over 140,000 miles on it. To further complicate matters, quality used cars are very hard to come by as the prices have massively increased due to the lack of availability of new cars (supply chain issues), so most people are hanging on to their used cars. Please help honor these hard-working kids who have dealt with many considerable challenges already in life and support their academic demands, by contributing to their immediate need for reliable car replacements. Thank you so much in advance for being willing to help these young people on their journey to become productive and contributing adults. Please know how hard it is for them to ask and that they will appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.