If somebody needs help, you give it.

We received several inquiries out fundraising for single parents. As such,  several single parents…..mostly moms with kids….. were put on our radar here at Charity in Action.

Workwise, 2020-2021 was BRUTAL year for many. I capitalized brutal on purpose…. if you have ever lived paycheck to paycheck and then lost hours (or your job all together) you know that feeling. Dread is not a fun feeling. It affects everything.

We knew exactly who to give assistance to….we just needed help with raising the cash.

Any size donation made a big difference in the lives of people who needed a helping hand during this no good very bad year.

This was a chance to give people a little bit of a boost on bills and groceries and clothing and such as we move through 2021.

We don’t solve big picture problems (yet), but we sure as heck made a few months a little easier for several families.