If somebody needs help, you give it.

This fundraiser was for food cards for local families.

We are all dealing with unprecedented challenges during the “Covid-era”. This was a chance to help some friends and families who were/are struggling with loss of work and other financial issues due to Covid

This fundraiser was specifically for grocery cards. Everyone needs to eat, so we put some cash out to families who needed it! Times were indeed tough!!!

We all needed to lend a hand where we were able to, and putting food cards directly into people’s hands seemed to be a very effective route.

The BA Emergency Prep. group already had a good beat on who-needs-what in Bryn Athyn and surrounding communities. The Pastor’s Office at the Bryn Athyn Church was also able to lend advice on great places to send groceries. And Charity in Action is always a part of a conversation or two regarding local groups about ongoing needs.