If somebody needs help, you give it.

We partnered with the Pay it Forward people (Not the BA Pay it Forward group) on this fundraiser.

Our friend Kelsey Ann and her awesome group is doing great things in Lower Bucks and were trying to help an elderly gentleman who had a tree on his house, a leaking roof, no hot water and no heat aside from an extremely small electric heater. After they dug into what was needed around the house, they found pout there was much, much more to do.

A lot of people were already involved with in kind donations and volunteer labor, but there were things that took cash. (roof, extensive clutter removal, painting, repairs, etc.) Cash got things done quicker than without it. We are always good at the “cash” part.

Kelsey said this man (named “Santa” for anonymity) and we are told he is a good soul who is been mourning the loss of his wife, who he lost several years ago. Things around the house and property got away from him.

We were told he never asks for anything. We were also told he is an ordained minister and is the sweetest man. He had been doing laundry at a friend’s house for the last 10 years. He needed ALOT of help… It takes a village.

We were able to raise $4000 to assist with the help.