If somebody needs help, you give it.

Charity in Action has tried to support RISSE as much as we can in recent years.

RISSE provides all sorts of programs for refugee, immigrant and low income children ages 5-13 in Albany, NY.
Right down the street from where my family used to live, actually….that’s how we knew how much good stuff RISSE did for their community!
(learn more about RISSE here: http://www.risse-albany.org/risse-brochure/

With a 10-fold increase in the Federal refugee cap this past year, RISSE is on the verge of serving more children than ever before. The area is welcoming in up to 750 new residents. That’s a lot of new faces to help try to support.
RISSE is working to build capacity quickly, to make sure they can serve as many clients as possible and welcome them to their new home. They opened a 2nd location. Things are moving fast.

Just like we have in the past with clothing, blankets, cash, food cards, communication equipment, computers (limited) school supplies and even soccer balls and related equipment, Charity in Action has done a good job at giving RISSE some of what they need to help the people they serve.

This time around we’d like to just buy them as much school-related stuff as possible, so they can take some of that off their plate and concentrate on other areas.

See what you can do. It all goes to kids looking to learn.

The family settled in North Philly (Saadia, her husband and 3 wonderful boys) until employment opportunities took them to Carlisle, Pa two years ago.

The African Family Health Organization asked Charity in Action in 2018 to help the family with some bills. Abdallah (the husband0) had sustained and eye injury and was out of work for several months.

Charity in Action was able to get the family above water, and when they decided to relocate to Carlisle Charity in Action was also able to pay for the move and 3 months rent to help get the family on their feet.

Friendships have emerged as well. We were able to take the kids to Philadelphia Union game, and there have been many trips to visit the family to help out with ongoing needs as they emerge.

It is a joy to know Saadia and her family!